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Bluetooth and BIOS fixes for the NB200

November 17, 2009

In late September there was a new BIOS update, version 1.6, for the NB200 posted on the site here. Some of the postings on the Ubuntu Forums say that this BIOS update will speed up the boot time, and prevents the netbook from stalling until the touchpad is used that some people noticed happening with the 1.2 BIOS.

Of course this poses a challenge to run the .exe BIOS update program when you don’t have a windows partition ! So what to do?

I tried using unetbootin to make a bootable freedos USB key, but get a “invalid opcode at 0007” error. Instructions here

And now back to the previously posted entry…

Here‘s an interesting thread on Ubuntu Forums discussing ways to do it in Ubuntu without windows. Most of the discussion here is about using CD’s and floppys… so skip it and take a look at the next idea.

Here‘s a guide showing how to make a bootable DOS USB memory stick to run the flash utility. The USB should be <4gb because of DOS size restrictions. I’ll look for a spare USB memory stick to do the update with and report back soon.

Flashrom is a linux program in the Ubuntu repositories that can be installed with sudo apt-get install flashrom. However since it’s reported to not work with the Acer Aspire One or the EEE 701 I have doubts if this would work on the NB200. When it comes to BIOS flashing who’s willing to experiment and risk turning it into a brick?
Be careful when you do a BIOS update, because it is potentially destructive!

A fix to get bluetooth working was posted in the forms recently. Page 12 in the big NB200 thread on Ubuntu Forums has some postings (118 &119) showing how to get the bluetooth working in Ubuntu. If I can find a bluetooth device around home, I’ll have to give this try and report on this as well.

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  1. Simon permalink
    March 20, 2010 4:32 pm

    Hi there,

    Did you do this BIOS upgrade? I have just upgraded my BIOS to 1.9 and have seen no change in the boot. Do you have any other experience?

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