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Gutsy Upgrading

October 21, 2007

I’m glad I started the upgrade process over the weekend.  It requires at least a free Gig on your system for downloading new packages and at least 12 to 24 hours.  I started at 10 am and it was still downloading by midnight. Currently the download servers are slower with all the upgrading users so I figured I’d be patient.

Have plenty of time available to complete the process, so plug that laptop in.  Don’t expect to be able to run synaptic to install anything until the upgrade is finished.   You should probably back up first, and consider this upgrading advice.

After all the packages had been downloaded several dialogs checked for ‘keep’ or ‘replace’, the whole installation halts until my response.   I chose to ‘replace’ for each, although I was rather puzzled as to if I’d made the right choice.   Then suddenly the upgrader crashes with 1 hour estimate to go… yikes!

I was afraid if I rebooted I’d be greeted by a totally corrupt system… I searched the forums until I read the terminal commands suggested for this are:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade 

sudo aptitude full-upgrade

That seemed to finish the installation. Upon rebooting, I needed to mess around with my wireless to get it working with the new broadcom 43xx drivers in guty.    So far I like the improvements I see and I think the upgrade process has been worth it, without encountering any major disasters.

It does appear there’s quite a large portion of  people who’ve experienced installation problems.  You can view the poll results.

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