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Micro$oft’s war on Linux

May 15, 2007

Just when you thought computing world hated Microsoft to the max… wait for it.. there’s more. The evil empire just won’t quit. This time, they have threatened to fight out patent disputes in court with any nonprofit software group, or company in the linux and open source world of software. They claim it violates 235 of its patents.

Obviously the growth and success of linux and the open source community has got Micro$oft feeling a little threatened. They’ve come out swinging, launching a full out assault against the ‘enemy’. Perhaps they feel it’s now become a fight or die situation? You’d have thought the anti-trust lawsuits of yesteryear against Microsoft would have taught them a lesson and maybe smarten up a bit. It was only a couple years ago that companies like Microsoft tried this same stunt in Europe… until because of the large public protest, the ‘software patent bill’ was thrown out altogether.

There’s a few people who disagree, but Microsoft seems to believe they never copy Apple’s original innovation, or rip off intellectual knowledge from Sony. They’re innocent of all misdoings… aren’t they? Microsoft would like the world to accept that “mouse clicks”, “toolbars” and “menus” can be owned as intellectual property. They’d probably be happiest if all global computer use was rented by the milisecond from Microsoft.

Follow the ongoing reports here.

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  1. knitricot permalink
    May 17, 2007 11:12 am

    Sad… very, very sad.

  2. October 10, 2012 11:35 am

    Both FreeSpire and Xandros caved and were bought and sunk by that move… and nothing ever came of it.

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