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New Ubuntu Version 7 “Feisty” is here !

April 17, 2007

In a couple days people will be able to download the latest version of Ubuntu, codenamed “Feisty Fawn”. I was curious if I would be able to simply “upgrade” from my version 6.10 “edgy” to feisty, or if I’d need to do a full reinstall / backup / file migration.

If you’re curious there’s some instructions posted here

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to jump the cue and try upgrading my Edgy system to the beta release of feisty. Pretty easy stuff… I just needed to enter this command into the terminal.. and let it download for an hour or so.

$ sudo update-manager -d

Now with my desktop system which has version 6.04″Dapper LTS” installed… is there an option to upgrade to Feisty? You bet… you’ll need to upgrade to Edgy first.. same terminal command but with a -c as well

$ update-manager -d -c

If you wish to avoid the ‘double’ upgrade you may wish to read this Howto

Please Note: if you’re upgrading a portable, then be sure to plug it in, leave the lid open, and don’t let it go to sleep or hibernate. If it shuts off during the upgrade your system could get totally borked, and you’ll have a big job on your hands trying to rescue your ubuntu system.

What are the new features in Feisty to look forward to?

Top Four Feisty Features

Here’s a list of a dozen or so features


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