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a system backup (better safe than sorry)

March 9, 2007

Just like insurance you start out figuring you get it later, if you think you actually need it. It’ll never happen! Eventually, you will have put in a few hours into setting up your Ubuntu system. You better back that sucker up soon, just in case something goes wrong. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If it’s not backed up, you don’t want it.

sbackup is an easy to use simple backup package. Whats nice about it is that it makes incremental backups automatically at scheduled times. Incremental means that it only copies to the backup what’s changed since last time, rather than copy everything all over again. It becomes a very quick job to do nightly or weekly backups.

The restore features are just as nice, as you can select individual directories, or individual files to restore. You’ll need to do one for each of the root directories, as I don’t think however there’s a one click “system” restore.

Start Your Backups!

In synaptic download sbackup or enter in the terminal

$ sudo apt-get install sbackup 

In the menus go to System—>Administration–>Simple Backup Config

If you’re on Dapper, you’ll need to install it. Use synaptic or in the terminal enter:

$ sudo apt-get install sbackup

A nice guide ( with pictures) that will help you set it up is located: here

Remember that to protect your data against major disasters like fire, robberies, or hardware failure then you should copy your backups onto removable media by hand.

Configure your /home backup to fit on a 4.7gb DVD-RW. That *should* be enough for copying frequent snapshots of your /home directory. Set up another for your system /var /etc /usr/local.

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