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A whole new world

February 27, 2007

    Being the most popular distribution of GNU/Linux for several years now, Ubuntu is increasingly often the first experience of linux that someone will have.  I felt like Santa Claus at work the other day, handing out a half dozen free copies of Ubuntu to my associates who are somewhat computer savvy enough to be interested.  I can imagine all these millions of new Ubuntu users around the world who are going to try this new thing out for the first time, and enter a whole new world of computing.  What they do know about computers (often a fair amount) can be entirely based on their experience of using Microsoft Windows.

Where do you even begin?  How do you know what software package(s) to install, out of the thousands that are available?   Here are some quick reviews and introductions to some of the top packages you can install in Ubuntu.

 Packages Explained: no more .exe files?

The Ubuntu Guide : all you really need to get started.

Lifehacker’s Top 10 ubuntu apps and tweaks  
Restricted Formats:   no, not that dirty adult prOn, but all the awesome media formats you’re wanting!

Mark Pilgrim’s Essential software list 

The Linux Desktop: 13 things you should do immediately after installing Ubuntu

The top 200 most downloaded applications fpr ‘Gnome’, the window manager in ubuntu.

Native Games:  games designed for linux and unix
How to install anything in Ubuntu 
 Making the Change: stepping out of windows

 Tweak Ubuntu for Speed

Beginning Ubuntu for $30 you can buy a great 600 page guide.

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